Scheme of Assessment

Unique methods of evaluation have been evolved to take account of certain traits which do not surface in a classroom education, like professional judgment, decision making, interdisciplinary approach, initiative, leadership, sense of responsibility, etc.  The system discards the conventional emphasis on a single final examination and numerical marks as the absolute indication of the quality of  student's performance.  Thus, at the end of the semester letter the absolute indication of the quality of student's performance.  Thus, at the end of the semester letter grades, O, S, A, B, C, P and F are awarded to the students based on the total performance of the students. These letter grades stand for quality of performance and also associated with points in a quantified hierarchy as given below:        

         O - Outstanding (10)

S - Excellent (9)

A - Very Good (8)

B - Good (7)

C - Satisfactory (6)

P - Pass (5)

R - Reappearance Required (0)


Grading System


    The student will be assigned a grade based on his/her combined performance in the final examination and the continuous assessment.  The grades indicated above carry a qualitative letter grade as well as the grade point number as follows:












Very Good












Reappearance Required



Grade Point Average


Based on the grades obtained by a student in all the subjects, a Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated as follows:


GPA= Σ (No. of Credits X Grade Point) / Σ (No. of Credits)


SGPA:    The Semester Grade Point Average at any stage is the GPA for the subjects registered in a semester


CGPA:    The Cumulative Grade Point Average at any stage is the GPA for all subjects  successfully completed up to that stage. 


  The SGPA and CGPA are rounded off to two decimal places.


Equivalent Percentage of Marks


   To get equivalent percentage of marks, multiply the CGPA by 10




CGPA Calculation


The formula for CGPA Calculation is : 




An Example of CGPA Calculation is given below:


Semester Code Subject Grade Grade Point Credit Grade Point X Credit
1 09CH201 Environmental Studies B 7 3 21
1 09EC218 Basic Electronics B 7 3 21
1 09ME101 Basic Mechanical Engineering C 6 2 12
1 10EN201 Professional English I B 7 2 14
1 MA244 Algebra, Differential Calculus and Analytical Geometry P 5 4 20
1 PH105 Applied Physics P 5 3 15
1 09PH101 Applied Physics Lab S 9 2 18
1 10EN211 English Language Lab C 6 2 12
1 ME109 Computer Aided Graphics A 8 2 16
1 ME110 Basic Engineering Drawing A 8 2 16
2 09DE101 Introduction to National Youth Programmes B 7 2 14
2 09EE101 Basic Electrical Engineering P 5 3 15
2 10EN202 Professional English II P 5 2 10
2 10PH201 Engineering Physics B 7 2 14
2 CH106 Applied Chemistry C 6 3 18
2 CS101 Programming in C A 8 4 32
2 MA245 Multiple Integrals, Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms P 5 4 20
2 09CH104 Applied Chemistry Lab A 8 2 16
2 09CS217 Programming In C Lab S 9 2 18
2 10ME101 Workshop Practice S 9 2 18
3 09AE201 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering B 7 4 28
3 09CE242 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery   C 6 4 24
3 09CE245 Mechanics of Solids C 6 4 24
3 09ME201 Engineering Mechanics P 5 3 15
3 09ME202 Engineering Thermodynamics P 5 4 20
3 MA246 Complex Analysis, Statistics and Z-Transforms P 5 4 20
3 09ME209 Machine Drawing A 8 2 16
4 09AE202 Aircraft structures F 0    
4 09AE205 Aerodynamics   P 5 4 20
4 09AE216 Aircraft Performance P 5 4 20
4 09ME203 Thermal Engineering       P 5 4 20
4 10EN203 Advanced English C 6 2 12
4 10VE202 Value Education A 8 2 16
4 MA247 Fourier Series, Transforms and Partial Differential Equations B 7 4 28
4 09CE246 Strength of Materials Laboratory B 7 1 7
4 09ME210 Thermal Engineering Lab     A 8 1 8


    98 618


CGPA = =    618 / 98 =    6.31





Grading System, Distribution of Marks & Passing Requirement


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#    A student is awarded I Class with Distinction if the student passes all the subjects required in the first attempt within the permitted period provided the candidate has not been prevented from going to next semester for attendance / disciplinary reasons and has more than 8.0 CGPA on a 10 point grade.

#  A student is awarded I class, if the student

           * is able to pass in all the subjects registered till pre-final semester within the stipulated period.

           * is able to pass the rest of the subjects within the permitted period by taking not more than two attempts after the stipulated period.

           * has not been prevented from going to next semester

#  All other candidates who qualify for the degree are given Second Class.



Industrial Activities


Industrial Training

Two or more weeks of Training in a reputed Industry / Research Lab. will be recognized as 0:0:1 credit.  Subject code will be [Department Code] 901, 902 etc.  Additional Credits can be earned by going to different industries.

Mini Project

Individual Full Time Mini Project is done for a duration of 4 weeks either internally of externally.  The subject code will be [DC] 951, 952 etc. and the credits awarded is 0:0:2

Mark distribution of Industrial Training & Mini Project

            Satisfactory certificate       -           10

            Report                             -           40

            Seminar & Viva-voce          -           50


                                           Total          100



Withdrawal of Subjects


#  A student not having failed / absent in any subjects earlier is allowed to drop subjects totaling to 25 credits or 16% of the total required credits in any course whichever is higher. 

#  This will be applied to the subjects as and when the student is absent in the semester.

#  Withdrawal is allowed once in the course period.

#  The immediate next attempt will be considered as the first attempt and the internal assessment of the dropped subjects will be carried forward.

#  Subjects will not be listed in the statement of Grades.


Punishment for Malpractice


   If any student involved in any type of malpractice the following punishment will be awarded:


            #  The student will be sent out of the examination hall after collecting the answer scripts and not allowed to write

                the particular examination for the remaining period of time.

            #  The particular paper will be cancelled and will not be evaluated.

            #  A severe warning letter will be issued to the concerned student with a copy to the personal file.

            #  If the student is involved in malpractice in examination (either in Internal/ End semester) for second time all

                the subjects (Regular & Arrears) attempted by the students during that examination will be cancelled.

            #  If the student is involved in malpractice in examination (either in Internal/ End semester) for third time, all the

                subjects (Regular &Arrears) attempted by the students during that examination will be cancelled and the

                student will be debarred from the Institute for a period of one year.

       #  On further continuation, the student will be expelled from the Institute.

  #  The students involved in malpractice are not entitled to apply for Xerox copy / Revaluation / Supplementary


  # Any other case of Malpractice not covered under any clause above, shall be suitably dealt with by the

               Disciplinary Action Committee by taking cognizance of the case.


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