Duplicate Certificate


Application for Duplicate Certificates



Application Form - Revaluation / Xerox

Application Form - Revaluation


Application Form -  Xerox


CBCS - Feedback Form


CBCS - Feedback form for End Semester Examination


Migration Application Form


Application for Migration Certificate


Improvement Examination


Application for Improvement Examination


Invigilation Alternation Arrangement Form


Alternate Arrangement Form


Malpractice Prevention - Letter Format


Letter Format - Malpractice Prevention


Examination Forms

Stationery Request Form
TA DA Claim Form
Practical Exam Claim
Skilled Asst. / Technician
Distance to Other Institutions

Half Semester Project Claim Form
Full Semester Project Claim Form

Industrial Training Claim Form
Mini Project Claim Form

CBCS Supplementary Practical Claim Form


Zero Review Forms Ph.D. Oral Board - Forms  M.Phil. Oral Board - Forms

Industrial Training

Mini Project

Internship (0:0:8)

Summer Internship (0:0:2)
Part Semester Project - PG
Part Semester Project - UG

Half Semester Project

Full Semester Project

Ph.D. Subject Re-registration Form
Directed Self Study Registration (Others except Ph.D. and M.Phil.)

Guidelines for Ph.D. viva-voce


Minutes Covering Letter


Minutes Ph.D. Viva-Voce


List of Participants


Final Certificate


Claim Form Ph.D.











Guidelines for M.Phil. viva-voce


Minutes Covering Letter


Minutes M.Phil. Viva-Voce


List of Participants


Mark Statement


Claim Form M.Phil.